March 08, 2006

A Slightly Fevered Miscellany

1. I hope to return to normal blogging soon, probably tomorrow, but I want to shake this debilitating cold first. It came over me yesterday evening: cough, slight sore throat, runny nose, mild fever and chills, mild headache and body aches, preceded by a day or two of dry, scratchy coughing. No one big overpowering symptom, but an overall weakened feeling and a compelling desire to stay in bed with the covers up. My wife has it worse than I do, and I'm expecting the kids to come down with it any day now.

2. I forgot to mention that my book is also available as an e-book for six bucks, from the publisher.

3. I'm considering making those blurbs a permanent feature on my sidebar. It never occurred to me to do it before, even though I know of several prominent bloggers who do, but now that I'm promoting a book it seems appropriate. At least they'll give me a friendly wave from afar. I once knew a poet-professor who was extremely prolific, with a vita miles long from all the poems he'd placed in little magazines, although he was mediocre and everyone knew it. He used to read his ever-expanding vita once a week to cheer himself up.

4. Hey, if any of you feel moved to write a review of my book for Amazon or B&N, please feel free. Or create an Amazon Listmanias list that includes the book -- perhaps a list of bloggers' books, or of microfiction books. Lists draw customers who've been browsing elsewhere.

And now back to bed for an hour until I have to wake the kids.