March 05, 2006

ONLY WHAT IS: Table of Contents

Hey, I just got author's copies of my new book, ONLY WHAT IS, the "blook" based on this very blog. It looks good, and I'm pleased that the posts, placed one after another in a nice typeface on good paper, form a unity that makes them still more meaningful: a literary self-portrait in several forms, covering the course of a year.

In a second post today I'll tell give you some further glimpses, but in this one I just want to offer you the table of contents (which is very long because the book contains 89 posts). Those of you who are familiar with my work can go back to any of the listed posts if you wish, and remind yourselves of what you liked in them. Those of you who haven't read certain posts before -- ones from months ago, perhaps -- can dip into them as previews of the book.

The posts are arranged in chronological order, except for the last one listed. An author's preface introduces the book.

To find a post on this blog, type or cut-and-paste the title into the white search bar at the top of this page. Then click "Search This Blog". Click on the link provided by the search results.


The Allegory of Sitting
Flocking Behavior
Her Moment
The Doomed Location
Burnt Popcorn
Passing of Local Laureate, 73
Lao Tzu’s Christmas
It’s on the Tip of My Tongue
God the Father
The Fall
Two Beauties
Love Stories
The Strange Young Couple
Let’s Visit Dad
Reproachful Trees
The Man Who Praised
How Do You Want to Be Remembered?
My Heavens
The Sting of No Sting
The Favorite
The Unpeopled Graveyard
Modern Types, Parts 1–7
Mystery Versus Mystification
The Tragedy of No Tragedy
John Paul II
The Birthmark
Triumphant Return
Actors at their Craft
The Hundredth Day
The Personality Vampire
The Reviewer’s Dilemma
The Quick ‘N Easy Route to Poetry
The Best Blade
Talking About Women
Travel Notes: San Angelo, Texas
Travel Notes: Big Bend
Horses in the World
Man Sitting Under a Tree
Old Longing
Only Small Mysteries Get Solved
After Rain
Self–Reliance: A Dialogue
The Dire Stravecchio
The Death Watch Channel
Life with an Asterisk
Too Old to Die Young
The Dream Store
The Dream Giver
Sliding Door Moments: The Dead on the Corner
Matzoh Sandwich, World’s Fair 1965
The Sleep Lover
845 Third Avenue
Ten Things About Me
A Virtual Tour of Bialystok, Poland
One Thing About Me in Ten Parts
Danger Boy
The Believer in Mottos
Kerrville, Texas: It Can’t Be Like This Always
The Necessities
The Place
Evening Ritual
Literary Rivalry
The Preacher’s Comeback
Divinity School
The Witch of Shallow Stream
First Drugs
We Are Prey
Creative Writing Class
Notes from Graveside
Costa Rica: Baby Dolphin Down
New Orleans, 2025
Return from the Land of Story
Drawing a Line
The One Great Matter
Author’s Photo
Hopscotch Girl
Rain Haiku
The Ghouls All Came from their Humble Abodes
Too Much to Set Aside
Lost Package
Dusk, November, Central Texas
Acorn Characters
Seven Suburban Haiku
Things a Few People Know About Me