February 28, 2006

The Grace Store

I did a Google search and there it was: Grace 4U. Clicked to the address: an attractive website, simple and striking, not corny or overdone anything like that.

“If you would like grace, click here.”

Wait a second. First I went to the FAQs.

“You mean all I have to do is click and receive grace?”

“Yes, that’s all you need do.”

“You mean that stuff about, ‘Ask and it shall be given’ is really true?”

“Just like ordering anything else. You click on what you want and you get it, right?”

My hand moved the mouse this way and that. My finger kept starting to press down. But it kept stopping before it went down far enough to click.

I decided to go to the live chat they offered.

“Your FAQ page says I’ll receive grace just by clicking. I don’t understand – please clarify.”

“We offer grace all the time, for everyone.”

“What do you get out of it?”

“We get to give grace.”

“Why do you make it so easy?”

“We have to compete with other online retailers.”

I clicked. I gave them my shipping information. Then I came to “Method of Payment.” It wasn’t the usual kind. They didn’t ask for my credit card number and expiration date. Instead they gave me this long, long scroll of terms and conditions, asking me to click “Agree” on each page.

“I'm somewhat puzzled,” I typed into the live chat box. “Are you saying there’s some kind of payment involved?”

“Well, you wouldn’t order a book from Amazon and not expect to pay for it, would you?”

“I don’t see where the amount is specified on this form.”

“Payment varies per individual.”

“So it might be very expensive.”

“You’re ordering God’s grace. You're looking for a bargain?”

I thought about it. I thought of all the things I might be asked to pay. You have to be careful about anything you buy online.

I clicked over to Amazon and ordered a book about grace.