January 27, 2006

Blogrolling Time

I'm putting three blogs on my blogroll today and I'd like to tell you about them.

One is an old blogfriend, Roborant, hosted by Rob, one of my frequent commenters. Rob is an aerospace engineer, software designer, and Austinite who's been embarked on a long-term project of self-education, with impressive results. His blog features long, thoughtful reviews of books he's read in science, philosophy, history, and other subjects, from Hobbes and Locke to the latest speculations on the evolutionary sources of morality. He also writes personal reminiscences and some fiction. Rob took the blog down for a few months while he redesigned it visually and in content. It's still somewhat under construction; the current layout has you click on a linked annotated title rather than reading posts on the main page. The blog now seems more varied in its focus, with narrative and personal speculation as important as book reviews. Whatever the subject, no one who's read Rob's comments on my posts will be suprised to learn that his reflections on the way the world works are always worth pondering.

SF Mom of One is a close friend of our family -- she's my wife's best friend -- who has just started a blog. True to its name, the blog is about raising a young daughter in San Francisco, and SF Mom does it (both the raising and the writing) with brains and humor. Anyone who's raising a child in America will be able to identify with most of her experiences -- serving on the PTA Executive Board, looking for a church for the family -- but here they're fascinatingly skewed by the fact that SF Mom is, indeed, in the Bay Area and therefore must feel guilty every time she does something completely normal but politically incorrect: letting her drink a soda on a plane, letting her watch TV, killing a spider. The fact that the potential churches are Swedenborgian and Unitarian is also a telling touch. These glimpses of northern California culture bring a breath of diversity to my plain old Texas lifestyle.

Deb St-Claire is in turn a friend of SF Mom's. Deb lives in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York and her blog, Family Dinner, is about cooking -- cooking for her family and friends, which Deb obviously does well but with the self-criticism of a serious practitioner. She's been influenced by M. F. K. Fisher, Laurie Colwin, and other cooking writers, and her posts are nicely turned and full of tangy morsels.

Three new and new/old blogfriends -- bon appetit!