January 16, 2006

Fly Ash is Back

It's a good day in the blogosphere when DANCING ON FLY ASH is back in operation. This two-man microfiction site, run by Matt Bell and Josh Maday of Saginaw, Michigan, began more than a year ago as a venue for the hosts' daily microfictions of 100 words or less. After a hiatus of a couple of months, Josh has posted two stories in the past few days, and his fans, of whom I'm one, are hoping for many more, as well as for a restart by Matt.

Reading microfiction is a perfect breakfast or lunch diversion, and you can even sneak one in during boring meetings or conference calls. Then try to explain to your coworkers what you're laughing about. It may get you fired but it will expand your perceptions -- and which is more important in the long run?

Welcome back, guys!