May 21, 2005

Funny Blogs

Hey, it was fun putting up some jokes yesterday. For your weekend pleasure, here are a couple of blogs that will keep you laughing:

Iowahawk, the brilliant conservative parodist, has a sendup of the infamous Newsweek Koran story, set among Lutherans in our beloved Upper Midwest. If you have even a vague notion of what lutefisk is, this will have you in stitches. His previous post, a parody of the New York Times, is equally good.

Beautiful Atrocities is decidedly worth scrolling through for -- among many other choices -- a point-by-point comparison between Norman Mailer and some actress named Sheridan Crane; and instructions on how to flush a Koran down a toilet; and, not so much funny as amazing -- the most authoritative ever capsule summary of diva feuds in recent pop culture.

Have a good Saturday!