May 16, 2005

Do the Cube

When amba put up her post about the psychological game called The Cube a couple of days ago, I immediately played, being an inveterate fan of psychology profiles, quizzes, and the like. It's a visualization game that tells you about yourself. It asks you to create an imaginary scene in six steps. I don't think of myself as a great visualizer, but this was fun and easy to do -- there was something inherently appealing about the type of scene it asked me to build.

Well, this little psychological profile has had a more positive impact on me than any similar activity I can recall doing. In a sense that's because I answered "right" -- my visualization turned out to be more encouraging, more validating of my personality, than I could have hoped. But I think that if the key to my visualization had been a problematic, disturbing one, I'd have been equally fascinated -- perhaps even more so. (And in a sense my result was paradoxically disturbing because it helped overturn some long-held negative aspects of my self-image. That takes getting used to.)

If you're the kind of person who's endlessly fascinated with himself, as I am -- I mean I am with myself, not with you! -- hop over to amba's post right now and play. I think you'll enjoy it. The one drawback is that you can only play once. But you can pass it along to friends and enjoy their responses.

If you think you're not that kind of person, go and play anyway. You may change your mind.