May 14, 2005

Ten Things I've Never Done

It’s typical that Ann declined to do my “Ten Things About Me” exercise and I’m doing the one she spun off from it. Thus, ladies and gentlemen, does character determine fate.

In fact I was going to take today off from blogging, not post anything. It’s getting to the point where I have to steal time from blogging to do my normal daily activities, such as earn my living or move my body from place to place. But this meme is too infectious. So here goes.

I’ve never…

1. slept with a woman of another race (unless you count Arab)

2. lived in another country

3. served in the military

4. committed adultery

5. been the victim of a crime – despite living in New York City for more than a quarter of a century

6. skiied, water-skiied, skydived, scuba-dived, hang-glided, parasailed, surfed, or done any other such vertiginous folderol (though I hope to scuba-dive this summer)

7. golfed

8. hunted

9. worn a tuxedo

10. drawn a regular salary. All the money I’ve earned as an adult has come from piecework.

Of course I’ve done everything else there is to do.

And readers, when you get tired of the I’ve Never Done game and are looking for a new one, go over to amba’s and try The Cube.