August 17, 2009

red arc, the kind of crap I’ll eat, stakeout at RLC's

1. Watering the grass in full sunlight: the afterimage of the green hose makes a red arc across the lawn.

2. What to do with leftover rice: dump leftover cold white rice into a soup bowl. Sprinkle generously with soy sauce and vinegar, and moderately with sesame oil. Drain a can of sardines, with skin and bones on, and place the fish on top of the rice in a lovely stripe or spoke pattern. Garnish with thin-sliced scallion and red or black pepper. Guaranteed to make people say, “Ew, get that away from me!”

3. At about five this afternoon a police cruiser parked in front of my house, and stayed there an hour. The cop remained in the driver’s seat the whole time. About halfway through, two local women walked up and chatted pleasantly with him for a few minutes. Then they walked on. I was inside listening to music and generally puttering about. At six I put on my gym clothes, got a bottle of water, and opened the front door. The police car was gone; I never got the chance to ask the cop what was up.

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