July 30, 2009

dirt search, physical abuse, Austin in a glance

1. Within the space of two blocks I see two grizzled, raggedly dressed men searching the ground with pincer-tipped metal canes. I think they’re looking for aluminum tabs from beverage cans: you can recycle them for a lot of money; my kids are collecting a milk jug full of them. Are the two guys working coincidentally, or are they roommates, underpass-mates?

2. “It was one of those things where they put you up against the wall and hold you down by your elbows.” I assume she’s talking about being manhandled by the cops, but no –- chiropractic.

3. Patriot Engine Repair next door to Salvage Vanguard Theater. Are the employees of the two friendly with each other? In this town I’d bet yes.

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