July 24, 2009

I’ll notice, about the author, curse the door

1. Cleaning and trimming an old post, not because anyone will notice, but because I will.

2. I’ll never have one of those About the Authors that says I was a cab driver, a stevedore, a dog walker, a bond trader, and a numbers runner before I hit it big. Every dollar I’ve earned as an adult, I’ve earned with my pen.

3. Glancing at a book on Shakespeare, I read that when we today stub our toe on a door, we say, “Shit!”, but when the Elizabethans stubbed their toes on a door, they cursed the door, the wood it was made from, the sawyer who sawed the wood, the tree the wood came from, and the acorn that grew into the tree. That’s why they were them, and we’re us.

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