July 19, 2009

Asheville Joy

Hi, I'm in Asheville, NC, having, as I often do, the time of my life. Everybody's here: Steve, Lynne, Andy, Chris, Chris, John, Danielle, Ann, Meade, Mike, James -- and Ken, who had to leave early -- and Agents 95 and 97. Almost everybody...there's always someone I'd want to add, to make what's complete more complete.

This is the first time I've looked at a computer in three days, and the reason I opened it up this morning was to see the photos Ann posted of some of our group. (And this one of herself.) Ann and John are excellent nonprofessional photographers and Lynne's an excellent professional one, so we've got people snapping away like mad, taking pictures of each other taking pictures, and memorializing how lucky I am to belong to this loving, welcoming, sparkling, comical, brilliant family who are helping create the new life of the world.

If more photos show up I'll direct you to their locations. Right now I've got to go have more fun!

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