June 28, 2009

Old Settlers, New Family, Stupid Uniform

1. In the old cemetery, the names on some of the gravestones are the names of streets in town. On one tilted, weathered brown stone the name “Ulit” is carved. What an unusual name, I think. Within half a mile I come to Ulit Street.

2. Sitting side by side on the hood of their pickup truck in the dirt front yard, the young wife leans onto her husband’s arm to point to something in the scrapbook open on his lap. Their young son and daughter are sitting on the ground, playing, laughing. Two pairs, two levels, inseparable.

3. I hate wearing the white martial arts tunic with its patches and green piping. It makes a false claim about me, I cringe at what people must think; whether positive or negative, it’s bogus either way. Then, as I walk out the front door, the little kids across the street call out, “Nice suit!”

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