June 26, 2009

How to Get Lucky

As one who'd like to get lucky someday, my attention was drawn to this teaser on the cover of the August issue of Psychology Today:

"Four Traits of Lucky People.

Then I decided I could write the article without having to read it. Here were my predictions:

1. They work hard but take vacations.

2. They learn from their mistakes/ don’t let failure get them down.

3. They associate with successful, positive people.

4. They’re oriented to process, not results.

The actuality:

1. Break routine – meet new people, walk a different route to work, etc etc.

2. Turn bad into good – “if something upsetting happens consider how it could have been worse, and try to draw something positive from it.

3. Follow your gut -- “decisions informed by intuition often produce happier outcomes.”

4. Look up – “positive expectations are often self-fulfilling because they increase motivation and persistence.”

I got 100%! That’s because I’m looking up.

Shades of blue creativity...

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