February 11, 2007

Attend Our Grand Re-Opening!!

Well, I’m probably the only one who’s surprised that this is happening. In my delusion, I thought I’d hung up my spurs for good, but the other day I opened my weekly sitemeter report by accident – I ordinarily delete it without a look, but this time my finger hit the wrong button. (Which, come to think of it, is likely to happen if one is not looking.) And I saw that I was getting 50 visits a day. Fifty a day, when I hadn’t posted in months? Even if 45 of them are bots, there’s still the other five to consider. They deserve something fresh.

So here’s my blog again, in a slightly revamped form. My blogname is now RLC, though my URL is still richardlawrencecohen@blogspot.com. My profile is longer, my blogroll is shorter, and you can give my face a quizzical glance or a doubting stare if ever the mood should strike.

And no sitemeter.

What am I going to write here? Well, it’ll have the kinds of good things I put in before, but I hope there’s been some growth, some scenic turnings on and off the main road. I hope to avoid current events completely this time and not be tempted by the fact that they draw readers. More than before, I’d like to make this a journal and a pillow book, a portrait-in-progress of my life-in-progress; but I’ll keep those who don’t want to be in it, out of it.

I’m out one more marriage since the last post, and I’m exceedingly interested to find out who I’ll turn into next.

I want to have more photos in the future, even if it means I’ll have to take the dreaded step of buying a camera and learning how to upload photos. (Oh, no, I’ve said it publicly, now I’ll have to do it…) I’m the furthest thing from a visual artist, so I expect that my photos will have mostly anecdotal or documentary interest; if I ever come up with an intriguing angle on a wrought iron gate or a sunlight-dappled tree, chalk it up to the caprices of a mocking muse. One thing I’d like is experiment with making up stories to go with snapshots that I take on my travels in Austin or elsewhere.

I’m a’gonna take it slow, just like the Adagio Kid. If I make one post a week, that’ll be just fine. Any more than that will be gravy. And having said that, I’ll immediately contradict it by posting two today.

I hope all my old blogfriends and lots of new ones will be stopping by and commenting, or just reading silently and coming back. I’ve missed you.

Does every love arrive by accident?