August 08, 2006

Find Me a Song

An earworm is a song that lodges in your head annoyingly and can't be removed. Often it's some old hit that you haven't thought of in years and that seems to have chosen you as a kind of walking hospice before it sinks into oblivion. I've been having earworm problems lately -- waking up every morning with at least one song clinging to the inside of my skull all day -- sometimes two songs alternating maddeningly.

This morning I found an anti-earworm, issuing surprisingly from my computer: a lovely, beautifully sung and played song that drove all generation-old commercial annoyances away. It's called "Will You Ever Know" and it's by a folk group called The Heard, based in Idaho. I'd never heard it before, and now I'm hearing it again and again in my mind, smilingly. And it's written and sung by none other than MB Whitaker, the poet of Find Me a Bluebird and a regular commenter here. Check it out, people. This is pure clean Idaho spring water.