June 03, 2006

Last Photos from Greece

A miscellany of things we liked. Photos by Susan, except for photo of Susan and me, which was taken by a fellow tourist.

The port of Amoudi at the foot of the Santorini cliff, directly below the town of Oia where we stayed. A little dock and four tavernas, where fresh fish costs up to 60 euros a kilo -- surprisingly expensive, since the fish can be taken out of the water ten minutes away.

The Church of St. Nicholas, at the foot of the same cliff, just around the corner from Amoudi -- a church for fishermen. One of several we saw in this area.

Door in a cliff, Red Beach, Santorini. Especially for door-in-a-cliff aficionados.

Volcanic island in the middle of the Santorini caldera. The island was formed in 1957, one year after a quake devastated the island and destroyed a large percentage of its dwellings. We and another couple split the cost of a private boat and motored out to explore the island, smirking smugly at the tourists who went en masse in big commercial boats.

Life appears on an island of volcanic debris.

Susan and me in a sulfur hot springs in a cove of the volcanic island. The water briefly turned our hair, skin, and swimwear yellowish-reddish-brown. It was only lukewarm, though, because the windy day brought in cold water from the open sea.