May 30, 2006

Photos from Santorini

My paradise deflated: the volcanic cliff of Santorini, showing Oia, the town we stayed in at the tip of the crescent-shaped island.

The cruise-ship port of Santorini. The town above is Fira, the main town on the island. The zigzag trail on the left is where donkeys ascend with passengers and their luggage. Not many people choose that way up anymore, but there's a cable car too.

Stairs going down the cliff...

And more stairs.

The edge of the sea from clifftop.

A view of the caldera from our hotel.

The little pool at our hotel. We ate breakfast on the patio every morning. Alas, it was the exact same breakfast every day, with hard dry toast and powdered orange juice.

The far end of Oia from our hotel around the curve.

Volcanic island in the middle of the caldera.