June 02, 2006

Cretan Countryside

Photos by Susan except for the photo of Susan, which is by me.

Samaria Gorge, longest gorge in Europe, some 16km long, descending 1260m from the mountains to the Libyan Sea. Crete's only national park: a 4-6 hour hike over continuously rough, stony ground.

Dragon arum (Dracunculus vulgaris), a beautiful, horrid-smelling, flycatching plant, common in the gorge.

Me in the dry riverbed of the gorge. Lower down, a stream of clean, potable water rushes through.

Susan in Samaria Gorge.

The Iron Gates, where the walls of the gorge are only 3m apart

A door in a cliff near the exit of the gorge.

The lion fountain in the town square of Spili, Crete: clean, cold, delicious water from the streams of Samaria.

I think I'll do one more post of Greece photos after this, some miscellaneous ones that I like from the entire trip.