January 09, 2006

A Certain Blog

There’s a certain well-known blog that my browser no longer lets me go to. I don’t have trouble visiting any other blog sites, only that one. The problem started a few weeks ago, when the blog stopped keeping me updated: I’d have to refresh in order to see what had been posted on a given morning. Then a couple of days ago my screen started freezing when I visited that blog. I reached new posts but the site froze in the midst of transmitting peripheral information – graphics or ads. This morning, when I tried to go to the blog, it showed up only as a narrow vertical strip in the middle of the site I’d gone to previously. A restart did not help. At the latest try, I was able to reach only the left side of that blog’s page, which scrolled properly while the entire right side was frozen.

I’ve come to depend on that blog for its wit and insight, for online companionship and support. Even when that blog and my blog disagree or bicker, there’s always been frank communication between us. If there were a sudden break between our blogs, I’d find it upsetting.

Aha, changing browsers – from Firefox to Safari -- solves the problem. But how strange, needing to isolate that blog on a browser all its own when all my other favorites, all my other online experiences, go on elsewhere.

I guess that’s what happens with an ex-wife’s blog.