December 09, 2005

Lamb, Okra, and Honesty

Where can you find a good recipe for southern-style lamb stew with okra? That's right -- you guessed it -- on the blog of Rabbi Yehoshua Karsh, "Musings of a Jewish Soul." He's thinking of instituting a class wherein he cooks a dish related to the Torah readng portion for each particular sabbath. This week's portion, or parsha, is about Jacob tending Laban's sheep for twice seven years in order to win Rachel's hand in marriage.

Rabbi Karsh got the recipe from a southern cooking website.

And while you're savoring the aroma and flavor of that delicious stew, how about scrolling down to his previous post, which is about necessary lies and their consequences. Here's an excerpt:

we cannot
without consequence
when it was
the right thing
to do.

this is not
just true about lying
the same is true
with cruelty
and so many other
tools of tough love

they all have their
and we always
for their use

You'll have food for your mind and soul then, too.

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