December 07, 2005

Winter Mix

We're about to have our annual taste of a mythical season we've heard about from relatives and seen in movies but never really experienced (except for my 19 years in Michigan and Wisconsin, that is).

It's 47 degrees Fahrenheit this morning and that's going to be the high for the day. Tonight we're supposed to get freezing drizzle with possible snow flurries and a low of 28. Tomorrow it wil be clear and up to 38 -- still very cold for around here.

Freezing rain or drizzle is no joke if you're driving. The whole area will stay home and make cocoa or quesadillas or whatever keeps them warm, except for the unlucky few who have to venture out for work or emergencies. The curbs at the bottoms of hills will be decorated with squashed or dented cars, and police cruiser lights will revolve merrily at streetcorners.

Unless the whole thing turns out to be a false alarm, which storm forecasts around here usually do.

Meanwhile, I hope you'll enjoy these four haiku about nature:

Oaks, old grandfathers,
what are you telling me when
you shake those brown leaves?

Sky, oldest thing here,
older than these rocks, how do
you keep looking young?

Sun, why so angry?
It’s hard to be looked up to,
and always alone.

Sea, stop hiding!
Disgorge, disclose, release, reveal!
Turn your cards face up!

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