December 01, 2005


I spent most of yesterday compiling my best posts from this first year of blogging -- December 13 will be my blogversary -- in order to assemble them into a book. I'm about halfway done with the selection process and then I'll proofread, write a little preface and a table of contents, and do the other tasks associated with preparing a worok for publication. I'll use one of the reputable self-publishing services, probably iUniverse. I'll sell it online. I hope it will be ready early in 2006.

The book will emphasize fiction and other "literary" posts, not ones on topical issues. Comments won't be included, but I hope that readers who come to my work through the book will be drawn to look up the comments to posts they like.

The book will give my longtime readers a chance to reread favorite posts from the past, and give newer readers a chance to catch up.

It'll be a good one, kids.