December 22, 2005

Althouse for Conservative Diva

Well, there's an online poll for Conservative Blogress Diva, and Ann is currently running a close third in a field of 14. I tried to vote for her several times, but they would only let me vote for her once.

She's more of an individualist than a doctrinal conservative, although many of her stands on specific issues are rightwing. Above all, she's far less shrill, and far more perceptive, than most of the political commentators on either side. Although I have to say I think some of her opinions are pretty wacky.

No matter what the conflicts between us, I always thought I'd vote for her for anything. And she probably thinks that if she hadn't married me, she'd be a Supreme Court justice by now. She'd deserve it, too. So at least let me try to help her be a blogosphere diva.

Click here to find the voting site.