December 16, 2005

Ecks Ridgehead's Blogiversary

Among the many who are celebrating their first blogiversaries at this time of year is Ecks Ridgehead, author of Tales from the Ridge, a fine ongoing collection of microfictions, showing an impish but serious allegorical imagination. In his celebratory post he gathers together seven of his favorites from his first year: among them, ones about a boy who catches a shark; a boat of despairing people cruising the seas eternally; a dog-faced man at the circus; and perhaps my favorite, Pestilence riding the London Tube to the Apocalypse instead of a horse.

Check it out, he's gifted and fun to read.

The sidebar feature "About Ecks" describes him as "a man of 28 tender years" but it has said that for a whole year now, so don't you think it ought to start saying "29 tender years," Ecks? Come on, admit it.