December 22, 2005

News from Madison

I just received this email from my son Agent 83: "Hey: I just finished college."

Tha's the way we do things in my family. I didn't attend my own college graduation. I just packed my things and drove to New York. Didn't attend Agent 81's either. Unceremonious to a fault.

Agent 83 will be moving to Austin next month to work and try to get a foothold in the film/TV field, and maybe go to grad school, and we're ecstatic that he'll be here. He is a screenwriter, a director, a sometime activist, a fashionable gent, one of my most incisive critics, an idol to his younger half-brothers, and very probably a highly competent waiter, though I've never seen him at work. After some early academic wobbling he buckled down and ended with an excellent overall grade point average. He's as mature and self-motivated a 22-year-old as I've ever known.

Congratulations once again, dear 83! May your path continue to be as beautiful as it's been already.

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