March 05, 2005

The Best Blade

A man loaded a new blade onto his razor and upon starting to shave, found that it was sharper than any blade he had used for a long time. His average blade lasted four or five shaves; this one promised to last ten, fifteen, or even more.

Immediately after finishing the first shave, he threw the blade in the garbage.

On being asked why, he explained, “No matter how many shaves I got with this blade, I would still have to throw it out eventually. And afterwards, every time I shaved with another blade, I’d remember this one and think that the new blade couldn’t compare to it, and I’d wish I had this blade back and I’d know I never could, and each time I loaded a new blade I’d feel a quickening of hope followed by a lasting disappointment. I’d feel my face after shaving and think about how much smoother it would have felt with this blade. I know this was a great blade, and I honor it. But better to get rid of it before it causes all that trouble.”