March 03, 2005

Protest Against Immigrant Hunt Succeeds

At the risk of becoming repetitious, I think this is worth noting, from the Austin American–Statesman:

Protesters confront UT conservative group
Mock roundup of illegal immigrants doesn't materialize

Protesters gathered at the UT West Mall to protest a planned mock roundup of illegal immigrants held by the Young Conservatives of Texas UT Chapter Wednesday. The roundup did not take place. A similar event was held last month at the University of North Texas. YCT said that the demonstration was intended to call attention to the problems of illegal immigration and not an attack on race.

Some 250 to 300 people, including University of Texas freshman Ryan Miller, 18, protested what they had heard were plans by UT's Young Conservatives of Texas to hold a mock roundup of illegal immigrants similar to one staged at the University of North Texas. The UT chapter said it never had planned such a demonstration. Protesters said they still wanted to show their outrage at the North Texas chapter's event.

You can find a fuller article here, including comments by conservative student leaders.

And a video from the American-Statesman here.

An observer, admittedly not impartial, says in an email that the protest crowd was larger, "at least 500."