September 20, 2009

pebble ear, wrapped tree, untasted delights

1. According to the medical websites, putting objects in one’s ears is a characteristic of small children and the intellectually challenged. However, I know a highly intelligent adult –- you don’t know the fellow or gal –- who put a pebble in his or her ear the other night and hasn’t removed it yet.

2. Hula hoops hanging from a chinaberry; a locked door standing alone halfway down the path from the curb to the house; a dead tree trunk wrapped in white paper painted to have frizzy black hair, goo-goo eyes, and red lipstick, the two main branches turned into upflung white arms –- these things remind us that we’re in the bobo sub-art capital of the southwest.

3. Every Friday I hope to get the half-chicken special at Pok-e-Jo’s barbecue, which can serve me for two meals, but every Friday I either have something more important to do, or forget because I’m focused on work. I must learn to treat myself better –- as people are always telling me.

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