September 07, 2009

The Falseness of Dreams

I’m a kid applying to college, and as an admissions test I have to pitch a baseball game, after which the opposing batters will be asked whether they want me at their school. I strike them out and make them pop up, but as a result they don’t want me to see me again. It’s not fair! Because of my gifts, I end up going to a worse college than my brothers and friends.

This dream seems to me false in every respect. There are the obvious fictions: I wasn’t a star athlete, didn’t go to a worse college than my brothers. But there’s also the dishonesty of attitude: Look at me, the world’s against me, they hate me, they envy me, I’ve missed my destiny! A pile of crap that I’ve been telling myself for years. Immediately on waking, I recognize it as such. Did I dream it to disprove it?

After a lifetime looking to my dreams as doorways to my true self, this dream came to me to show the falseness of dreams.