May 08, 2009

Clumsy Billboard, Porkpie Hat, Heroic Twig

A billboard advertising a local Catholic college says, "All good things which exist are the fruits of originality." I think, "'...which exist...fruits of'...clumsy." As I drive I spend half a minute rewriting it.

The teenage boy in the passenger seat wears a charcoal gray straw porkpie hat, its extra-wide headband printed with skulls and crossbones, tipped down over his eyes as he dozes on the drive to school.

An oak twig with two leaves is trying to cross the interstate highway, as car wind blows it back and forth. A little sedan pushes it half a lane toward its goal, but a pickup truck stirs it into confusion, blowing it into the air and shoving it back. It's like a falcon fighting a storm, the adventure of a lifetime. Come on, we can do it! And if not, so?

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