April 20, 2009

What's the Time?

I have no idea what the current theories of time are, but here are questions whose answers I would like explained in such a simple, clear form that I wouldn’t have to exert any energy trying to understand them. That’s the same approach I take toward gardening: throw a lot of wildflower seeds around and do the minimum necessary.

• Is time continuous or discontinuous? If the latter, what exists between time positions? In either case, what pushes time -- what force moves time forward? Is there time-inertia, time-acceleration, time-entropy?
• The attributes of space are shaped by physical forces such as gravity and acceleration. What forces shape the attributes of time?
• What is the speed of time? Spatial phenomena have speeds: the speed of light, of the expansion of the universe, etc. Time flows at a speed: one second per second. Are there other time-speeds, actual or potential, to which our time-speed can be compared?
• Is the speed of time constant throughout the universe?

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