May 14, 2009

Bet on the Fly

Agent 95, a youthful character who figured in many posts from the earlier years of this blog, asks me, "How much does my love cost you?"

"Your love doesn't cost me a thing," I vow.

"Yes it does. If you don't get me an iTouch I won't love you. I'll stop speaking to you. If you talk to me I'll act like it's a fly buzzing."

"Yeah? How long are you going to do that for?"

At first they say "forever," he and his younger brother Agent 97, but they settle on next Thursday as a reasonable goal.

"You can't," I dare them. "You can't do it."

"Did I just hear a fly say I couldn't do it?"

"Go ahead, try," I laugh. It's the surest bet ever.

Two minutes later he's asking, "Dad, can I use your laptop?"

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