March 27, 2007

My Real Age... 7.8 years younger than my chronological age! All you 47.3-year-old eligible women out there, take note.

I took an online quiz at RealAge ("as seen on Oprah"). It takes a few minutes and you get the result by email about an hour later. They ask for your birth date and zip code but no other personal information aside from health info: diseases, prescription drugs, diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol, blood pressure, pulse, socioeconomic circumstances.

If you take the test, you will probably want to make sure to AVOID ALLOWING THEM TO EMAIL YOU OR HAVE OTHER COMPANIES EMAIL YOU. During the test, there are buttons to click that are deceptively positive in tone: Would you like to learn more about health? And so forth. They prompt the company to send you alll kinds of stuff. Make sure to click "No" for those. And when you receive your test results, there's a link you can click to suppress emails from them, but it's hard to spot: it's underlined, but not highlighted in blue like the links that serve their company interests.

I wonder how accurate the test is. On one hand, most people today are biologically younger than in the past, so I might deduct for that. On the other hand, the company probably wants to scare potential customers into buying their products, so I'll add back what I deducted.

It's great to be back in my forties again. I liked that decade. Actually, I like this one too, despite everything.

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