June 20, 2006

New Comment Policy

I regretfully have to announce that this blog isn't taking anonymous comments anymore. The reason is that I've been deluged with anonymous spam comments in the past several weeks, sometimes a dozen each morning. They're always attached to old posts, so few readers would have noticed it. But it's become tedious for me to be confronted by them, and I have better things to do than delete them from my blog.

I instituted word verification several months ago, but apparently the spammers can get past that. Since the spam is anonymous, I'm guessing this next step will block them.

So from now on, commenters will need to register for a Blogger account in order to comment here. Fortunately, the great majority of my commenters are already registered. I have at least a couple of valued commenters who still use the Anonymous tag, and I encourage them to register. It takes just a few minutes to sign up, and it's not like you have to use your real name or anything.