October 12, 2005

One Tree

The old couple sits straight, side by side with gnarled hands joined, facing the interviewer.

“The first time I ever saw her,” the husband says, “she was wearing a green dress – “

“It was blue!” the wife laughs.

“I went up and suavely introduced myself.”

“Are you kidding, you were sweating like nobody’s business.”

“We hit it off right away.”

“You’re all confused as usual. You’re thinking of the second date. At first we couldn’t find much in common.”

“I knew right away she was the girl I wanted to marry.”

Her round face reddens with laughter. “When I mentioned it you practically ran out of the room!”

“And she’s been right about everything ever since.”

“Oh, what a comedian!” she says, and they sit, wrist around knobby wrist, like a pine and an aspen that have grown with their trunks entwined, seeming like one tree instead of two.