October 06, 2005

First Photos from Spain

Photos by Dan unless otherwise specified.

A view of Toledo from the tower of a church. Impossible to capture its grandeur in a snapshot.

Hard to imagine a more romantic roadsign, unless maybe it said "Dallas Fort Worth San Antonio El Paso." Photo by me.

A human statue. Throw him a euro and he'll draw. The greatest number of such statues are in Barcelona, but I have a vague memory that this guy was in Madrid.

Tourists examining Velazquez's "Las Meninas." The Prado, Madrid.

Dan at the Cafe de Oriente, our favorite hangout on the plaza of the royal palace: nice atmosphere indoors and out, surprisingly reasonable prices. Oddly, it has a branch in Washington DC. Photo by me.

Me sitting on the steps of El Call, the old Jewish quarter of Girona, a Catalunyan town on the Costa Brava, now an area of fashionable shops.