October 25, 2005

Blaugustine: God #15

AUGUSTINE INTERVIEWS GOD -- PART FIFTEEN is up at Blaugustine, and it's eleven beautiful frames long. In this one, God and Augustine are sitting on a park bench wondering where to go next, and Augustine decides to give God a tour of her inner self. Augustine's inner self may be a lot like yours.

This is a wonderful series, and if you haven't done so already -- or even if you have -- you could do no better on a brisk October Tuesday than to begin from Part One.

It's nice to see an artistic project that starts out in high gear and keeps up its level, even getting better over a long period of time. Natalie d'Arbeloff is the artist/writer and her blog, Blaugustine, has many other great features, my favorite being THE KINDS OF THOUGHTS WE HAVE.

And thanks to Natalie's commenter Kim for the word "quantumplation."