April 12, 2005

I Am Not a Camera

Photos I would post from today’s lunchtime walk if, like some people I could name, I posted photos:

• a green and white Fuji Film blimp with red fins and logos flying low over the treetops--couldn’t have been more than 500 feet, probably less--with a loud whirring of its propeller as it slowly headed downtown

• the AMERICAN FOR PEACE sign in front of the ramshackle house, with the death total crossed out and updated daily, and the antiwar quotes and anti–Bush witticisms, and a paper sign taped to it: WE ARE MOVING AND TAKING OUR SIGN – PLEASE REMEMBER THE AMERICAN AND IRAQI SOLDIERS – MEDITATE FOR PEACE

• pink mallows popping up in everyone’s wildflower patches

* people sitting in the sun with cups of coffee outside the Dolce Vita café

• the sign for the Hyde Park Bar and Grille: a two–storey–high statue of an upright fork on which a container of French fries is impaled, the ketchup–tipped yellow fries doubling as anniversary candles for the restaurant’s 20th

But I don’t even own a camera, so you have to imagine them.