February 26, 2005

The Moderation Fad

Young viewers sipping decaf sit glued to the golf channel for hours, applauding discreetly when their favorites make par. Video gamers, playing the roles of middle–class characters, enact the subtleties of interpersonal relationships.* The latest college style: tweeds, button–down oxford shirts, and a clean shave. For the girls, dresses just below the knee and low–heeled shoes. In movie trailers there’s not an explosion to be seen, but instead close-ups of beautiful faces in the grip of anguish or longing. In restaurants and stores, no music loud enough to interfere with civilized conversation. In sports stadiums, soundless scoreboards offer no video replays, no thunderous music, no dazzling slogans, and no between–play stunts or contests.
I so extremely want that.

* This already exists in the game Sims.