February 02, 2005

Exasperating Drivers, Part 2

A car with a fish ornament cuts in front of me so close that I have to brake. How did he know I was Jewish?

The car that can’t pass a bicycle.

She does the right thing at rush hour by stopping at the crosswalk, leaving the intersection clear for cars on the cross street. Then the guy behind her honks his horn impatiently, so she moves forward into the intersection, causing gridlock.

He comes up behind me so fast I’m startled to hear his horn less than a car’s length behind me. He’s outraged at my signaled turn, it impedes his progress.

I stop at the corner for a red light and inch up a little to see whether traffic is clear so I can make a right turn. The guy on my left noses up more than I do—is he purposely trying to block my view, or is it just that he can’t stand anyone being ahead of him?

Another driver and I arrive at the four–way stop simultaneously, at right angles to each other. He’s so eager to beat me, he surges forward—and has to stop short to avoid killing the pedestrian whom he didn’t notice in the crosswalk.

It is possible, as some have speculated, that my driving may at rare moments exasperate others, but they just don’t recognize skill when they see it.