November 18, 2009

Photos You Can Hear

Mt. Horeb Holy Church Choir, Kigali, Rwanda. These should cheer you up a bit after the previous post. Photos by the gifted and adventurous Christina Syndikus.

The woman in purple was totally, I mean totally. I wanted to either marry her or steal her life force, assuming those are two different things. The woman in glasses next to her is her sister, and also a rocker.

I sometimes think that if you knew you'd be singing this music at the end of the week, you could stand almost anything during the six days prior. Plus there are rehearsals.

A singer in the choir, she just walked to the front and did that once in a while. Wait, what do I mean walked to the front?

It was a privilege to be there.

Okay, here are some more. I took these.

waiting for church

Christina outside church (Paige in foreground)

choir strutting

in purple


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