May 29, 2009

successful rootering, an Agents’ week, brainwave habit

1. My kitchen sink line has been cleaned of at least a decade’s worth of sludge.

2. The Agents are leaving for their mother’s house this afternoon after eight days with me. I’ll be able to emerge from my room soon.

3. I like my rest ritual when taking a break during work. In a state of tension, I lie face-up on the couch or bed, breathing evenly from my diaphragm, with my arms stretched past my head. Slowly my arms, of their own accord, make their way to my abdomen, by which point the tension is gone. My arms continue until they’re at my sides, the hands completely relaxed. I’m in a deep alpha state, and after a few more breaths I stand up and return to my desk. Unless I’ve gone as far as a theta state, in which I lie still, pressed into the mattress, sailing.

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