May 10, 2007

Dream Cuts 1

A new genre of dream reportage: the dream cut, a single image taken from a larger dream. A movie still or a fingersnap moment. Linked as a montage of quick cuts, each from a different dream and usually from a different night, perhaps adding up to a synthetic dream, a recombinant dream. Like:

A knitting circle of white-haired women talk about me as they ply their needles.

The top floor of a department store: expensive leather easy chairs and sofas being shipped away: the store is closing forever.

Needing a piece of thread to fix something, I pull the monogram off a woman’s blouse, and apologize tenderly.

A woman, lying on a bed of dense gray clouds thousands of feet above the earth, begins to fall. I will be next.

In the dewy grass where my foot has just missed stepping on it, a half-hidden, shiny CD with the handwritten label “Richard C.”

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