April 14, 2006

Going On Hiatus

Dear friends, after much thought I’m going to have to declare a hiatus on this blog for approximately one month, with great regret. Recently I’ve had less and less time for this activity , mostly because of competing work projects. In addition to the freelance writing that I do every day, I’m beginning at least one, and possibly two, creative writing projects, one on my own and one in collaboration. The one in collaboration is the one that puts real deadline pressure on me; I have to get started on it today.

I can just about always fit in one creative project in addition to my paying work, and for more than a year that creative project has been blogging. I can’t juggle three balls for very long.

Personal life has been adding to the squeeze in the past couple of months. Some of you may remember when I posted about a problem I was having with my emotions. The immediate problem, my newly discovered bipolar syndrome, has been treated effectively, and the turbulent anger has not arisen since, but the karmic wheel does keep turning; the boat sails away but its wake may remain. I hope the wake will diminish over time.

I think that my creativity has not diminished at all in the past couple of months, judging from the posts I’ve written, but the rate of output has declined. You may have noticed that I've been posting less. I just haven’t had the alone-time to think of story ideas. After struggling to maintain my past level of output, I’ve had to admit to myself that I need to set this aside for a while.

My wife and I will be going on vacation in a bit less than a month, and I hope I’ll be able to do some travel blogging from a very wonderful, electronically accessible place. Check back around May 12-13 or so.

Lots of love,