February 17, 2006

Bumper Sticker Patrol, Installment #5

All of you who live in the States have seen those square-shaped, ostentatiously discreet bumper stickers consisting of the capital letter W in white on a black field, with the caption on small letters: “The President.” Some of you may have seen the parodies of it: the same white-on-black design, with the capital letter F and the caption, “The President.”

Here in Texas we have couple of variations of our own. Kinky Friedman, the local musician, mystery writer, and self-promoter, is running for governor this year as a satirical dark horse, the way Norman Mailer once ran for mayor of New York. He’s got a bumper sticker with the same design, but the capital letter is K, and the caption is, “The Governor.” He’s also got a bumper sticker that’s a red, white, and blue Texas flag with a lone star of David, and the caption, “Kinky – Why the Hell Not?” And he’s got one that says, “My governor is a Jewish cowboy,” a takeoff on the Christian bumper sticker, “My boss is a Jewish carpenter.”

Today I saw one that made me smile: the square is University of Texas Longhorn burnt orange instead of black, and the capital letter is V, and the caption is, “The Quarterback.”