November 08, 2005

Self-Portrait with Photons

Good and Happy relays the news that our hands, foreheads, and the bottoms of our feet emit photons -- a "light around the body."

Good new for us introverts? Maybe there really is something in here worth encountering, instead of, "Stop thinking about yourself and go out and play," like we're always being told.

And today, Jean at This Too ruminates (what else?) on the value of self-portraits:

"The steely, sometimes sidelong, sometimes straight-on look. The deep, defiant, shifty look we only give ourselves. How unusually quiet the rather crowded gallery was, people murmuring at most in their companions’ ears, more often wrapped in their own trance of staring, catching, looking back....

"So self-portrait paintings, the ultimate in self-obsession, reach out by compelling attention and empathy. Does the same apply to self-portraits in words? Which brings me back to qualms about self-exposing blog-posts...."

I'm all for them -- the bloggers, and their posts.