September 22, 2005

Toledo, Cordoba, Sevilla

I have to rush this post because we´ve been driving around all day and are starving and irritable:

Toledo is one of the most beautiful cities I´ve ever seen, and probably the cleanest. A medieval walled city on a hill overlooking rugged plains, and, inside the walls, narrow, twisting, hilly, cobbled streets. We walked in there for miles and miles, seeing a huge ugly Gothic church, a couple of medieval synagogues turned museums, a mosque turned church, the El Greco museum, and more. A lovely, lovely place.

That was yesterday. Today we drove south to Cordoba, drove through that confusing city and decided not to stay. Now we´re in Sevilla, bigger and supposedly the gem of tourist Spain. So far I´ve seen a lot of construction sites and we´ve been preoccupied finding a hotel and parking. I hope tonight and tomorrow give me a better impression of Sevilla, and I´m betting they will.

The guy at the computer next to me, in this internet store, was writing an email about how this country is getting to him -- temperatures 40 degrees C., a hot wind. And now he´s ended his email and is exploring the website of Harvard Law School.

We´re concerned abuot what little we´ve heard about the oncoming hurricane. Wishing good luck and health and safety to all, especially to our blogfriends around the Gulf Coast and Houston. God help and bless our country.