September 01, 2005

New Orleans, 2025

This is the greatest city! Our hotel room is on the 40th floor, right on Bourbon Street, and I can look down over the whole French Quarter and see what’s going on without even going down there. We have in-room VR, so this morning I put on the helmet and there I was, back in old New Orleans the way it was before this flood or something that they had about twenty years ago. It was okay, but it was small and dirty and nothing much interesting was happening, just a lot of people eating seafood and getting drunk and watching other people take off their clothes. I don’t like seafood anyway. Then I changed channels and that was great, because I was in the flood. First I had a rowboat and was rowing all over New Orleans looking for my family. (I found them all, so I won some special hotel money to use in the gift shop here.) Then I was a National Guard girl shooting looters. For each looter you got more hotel money. Then I joined a crew that was rebuilding houses, but that got boring so I took the helmet off.

We had lunch in the hotel. I had a Cajun sausage taco pizza and about twelve chocolate beignets with Reese’s pieces mix-ins. We took a swim in the pool on the roof – it’s shaped like a huge oyster, which makes it the only way I like oysters!

Then we took a ride in an old-fashioned carriage with a sim horse. The horse told us about New Orleans and how they’d really fixed it up since the flood. We stopped and walked for one block and we put a five-dollar coin into this sim musician and he started playing songs. I don’t like that kind of music, but I guess it was okay. He played about six instruments all at once and he played each one perfectly. I guess they have some really good programmers in New Orleans.

Then we rode on the monorail that goes around inside the French Quarter gates. It was cool. You could tell those gates are really strong. Nothing can get in that doesn’t belong in the French Quarter! We couldn’t even see what was on the other side. Oh well, I hear that it’s just like any other city on that side. There’s really nothing to look at.

At the end of the monorail you go into this little auditorium and see a show with beautiful sim ladies dancing. I guess the dancing was okay, even though the clothes were yucky. Then at the end you’re supposed to guess which lady is really a man underneath. I couldn’t guess, but Mom did! We got some casino dollars for that. So mom and Dad went into the casino and I stayed in the casino Kids Room and played a VR game where I was fighting aliens who were attacking New Orleans from space.

Well, that’s all for now, except that I can’t wait till the big storm hits tomorrow or the next day. The guy at the hotel told us there’s absolutely nothing to worry about – all the buildings now are built to take the toughest storms. It’s going to be fun! And if the guy at the hotel was wrong, that’s okay, because I have all my VR training teaching me how to find my family and shoot looters and stuff.