August 16, 2005

Hello Again

Well, I remembered my password and how to log on, so I'm off to a good start.

We got back last night from two weeks in the Costa Rican rain forest -- the Pacific side -- where we'd awakened to the demented growls of howler monkeys every morning and fallen asleep to the chatter of insects, the patter of rain on corrugated vinyl roofs, and the crashing of coconuts to the ground. This morning we awoke in the gentle hum of air conditioning and promptly drove Agents 95 and 97 to their first day of the new school year. 95 wore a tee shirt with a big iguana painted on it, and 97 wore a gap in his front teeth where he broke one off playing Twister on the palm wood floor of the lodge. (He's going to the dentist today after about ten days of being unable to drink liquids without a straw -- una pajilla, as we quickly learned it's called in Spanish.)

They're in fifth and third grades now, and they both got the teachers we were hoping for. They'll both have lots of things to tell their classes -- about the humpback whales we saw breeching fully out of the water from about 50 yards; and the dying baby dolphin, hook-caught and net-wrapped, that the driver of our motorboat hauled into the boat to try to save; and the coiled fer-de-lance that some of our fellow tourists had to walk around in the forest path; and more.

I'll tell you about that stuff over the coming days, and I fully expect to provide PHOTOS as we examine our stock of them, but today I've got to face a big new freelance project that arrived in a FedEx package on my doorstep yesterday, as well as doing all the other stuf one does when returning from a trip: washing the clothes (rain-mildewed in this case), refilling the fridge, contacting housecleaners, etc.

For now, I just wanted to say hi. It's great to be back.